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Photo by Michael Rauner

The Long Lost Art of Chocolate Truffle Creation!

Would you like to…

… take a date or loved one on a romantic, fun weekend activity?

… turn your guests and lovers into puddles of chocolate bliss?

… give original gifts that no one can match, and listen to the mmm’s! aaah’s! as they receive their treats!

… discover the long-lost art of creating chocolate truffles?

… give away the class to someone who you just know would love all of the above for themselves and more?

And that's only the beginning!

This class is for everyone who would like to learn how to make chocolate truffles – alone or together with a date or loved one. In this class you will learn everything you need to know to make truffles, along with tips and tricks to personalize your creations for any occasion and how to work with different types of chocolates and other ingredients. It can take many years to learn to make truffles perfectly; in this class, you will get the benefit of the hard earned years of trial and error of someone who has been there… and lived – and delighted countless people in the process.

Space is limited so reserve your space now! Call us 415-505-0786

What’s in creating chocolate truffles?

Of all the types of desserts I have had the joy of creating, chocolate truffles are by far the most fun to make. They touch those who receive them like no other gift or surprise. Sadly, in recent years, the art of working with chocolate seems to have been lost in favor of purchasing ready-made treats which, while always great to give and receive, often become a quickly purchased present that lacks the meaning and intentions that we most want to communicate to those we so love and care about: a sense of having thought of them, of having shared a bit of life with them even though they might have been far away, a sense that we wish we could be in their life, their arms, their wonderful presence, or even a sense that we are grateful for all that they are in our life. And that is why making something that like chocolate truffles is soooo incredibly powerful and sweet!

What you get: A complete class on how to make truffles of all kinds (and ingredients!), taught by skilled Chocolatier Fuzzy Philippe, with lots of truffle recipes, and two boxes of 16 truffles with gift boxes (a value of $96), fully ready for Valentine’s Day!

Give the Gift! Give the original gift of Chocolate Truffle Making! If you wish to offer the class to someone -- or a couple -- you love, we have beautiful gift-certificates for any upcoming classes!

What else? Private classes for any number of people are also available -- call for details! And also call me or email me if you have any questions, comments, ideas!

Space is limited so reserve your space now! Call us 415-505-0786

About the teacher:

Philippe Lewis is a chocolatier, an even designer/decorator and a performer. He has been working with chocolate and making truffles since 2002, drawing from a variety of methods and teachers, but mainly developing his own particular approach and relationship with chocolate. In the process, he founded Edible Love Chocolate, through which he shares his talents and treats with the world.