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Photo by Michael Rauner

Dreams of Edible Love Chocolate

What's in a dream? A dream is about creating something from nothing... or perhaps, from an idea. The idea comes often from noticing something missing around you in your life, your relationships, your families, your communities. And once the idea holds, it starts to grow... and soon, it becomes... a dream!

Here at Edible Love Chocolate we love to dream. We dream of what the world could be and of what our relationships to those we love could be. We dream of delicious adventures and delightful stories.

But, mainly, we dreams of possibilities.

The dream of possibility is one where you become the artist of your life, and your imagination becomes the tool through which you create the colors that will allow you to paint a life you love.

What will you create today?

Soon you will be able to read here our musings of what is possible for Edible Love Chocolates and by extention, what is possible for you.

Stay tuned!