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Edible Love Chocolates in the News

From one delicious event, wedding or individual to the next, we work with our communities to bring the love of chocolate to a new level. Here you will find all things newsworthy about our company and its creations.

A show of love for fine chocolate!

March 2010 - Chocolate by the Bay - Sweet Torture

"Edible Love: By the time I got to this vendor, I’d had my fill for the day. So I could only enjoy the show, not the samples. But the show is fun with top hats and a gypsy magic vibe. Edible offers classes which they will bring to your place, and with a background in street theater, it looks like they would create a memorable party, I mean, class.

I am disappointed that I didn’t try the truffles because they use fresh ingredients, no preservatives, and you just can’t find these chocolates easily. The creators remind me of relatives I’d only see once or twice a year at family gatherings, who always brought something delicious that I missed the rest of the year. If you get the chance, try Edible Love, then tell me about it, please!

A real crowd-pleaser, they walked away with 3 Attendees Choice Awards, including Best Presentation, along with their Salon awards."

March 2010 - Chocolate by the Bay: A Review of the 2010 San Francisco Chocolate Salon - Page 5

"While Christopher Michael may have my vote for the most unique product, the stage set by Edible Love Chocolates stood out as the most unique experience. Edible Love Chocolates is what happens when a street performer becomes a chocolatier. Only in San Francisco, you say? Possibly, and San Francisco is all the better for this sort of quirk. Beneath a tangerine and magenta sari draped tent, a sort of side-show, magic act, snake-oil sale (I mean this in a good way) was taking place. The line from the Edible Love Chocolates booth snaked into the main aisle throughout the day. One could imagine stepping back a century to see the crowd gathering at the edge of town before the top-hatted, velvet-coat-clad merchant and his lovely, bespangled assistant. The man beneath the top hat, Philippe Lewis, used to perform as a stilt walker with the Mystic Family Circus. When he began to create chocolates, he naturally segued into a "chocolate ringmaster" persona, having people perform small tasks in exchange for chocolate. Today, Edible Love Chocolates creates, in addition to some fabulous truffles, chocolate experiences: chocolate making classes, truffle parties, pairings, and wedding favors. Lewis is all about the experience."

March 2010 - Edible Love Chocolates Wins 5 Awards at the San Francisco International Chocolate Salon

The SF Intl. Chocolate Salon is probably the biggest chocolate show of the continent. With 80+ chocolatiers (many of them having been in business for 10+ years), the competition is ferocious. And while I don't really make chocolates for the awards -- I enjoy smiles a whole lot more -- it's nice to be able to share wins when they show up!

The awards:

- Bronze Award - Best Organic or Fair Trade Product Line
- Honorable Mention - Best Organic or Fair Trade Individual Chocolate
- Bronze Award - Best for Gifts
- Bronze Award - Best Presentation
- Bronze Award - Most Luxurious Experience

The full list of awards can be found here.

March 2009 - Edible Love Chocolates Wins 3 Awards at the San Francisco International Chocolate Salon

- Honorable Mention - Best Truffle
- Honorable Mention - Most Delicious Ingredient Combination
- Second Place - Best Organic and Fair Trade Product

The full list of awards can be found here.

2007 - East Bay Express' Best of the East Bay 2007 awards Edible Love Chocolates "Best Truffles"

Best Truffles: Intensely freaky chocolate confections
Vol. 29, No. 30, p.69

"In the perfect world, talented people who love to make stuff would just, well, make stuff — and get paid. Take Philippe Lewis, aka Fuzzy Philippe. The Berkeley chill-space designer and sometime stiltwalker packs freaky love and an even freakier Burning Man vibe into his chocolate truffles: square, imperfectly shaped nuggets filled with some of the most luscious ganache we've tasted. They have the rickety charm of the homemade and a fine edge of intensity. The peppermint-cayenne ones — cool mint with a chile afterburn — are Burner-trippy, but other flavors are subtler. Raspberry truffles are softly tangy, and rose-flavored ones breathe the old-fashioned air of rosewater. They run between two and three bucks each, plus shipping and handling. While you also can pick them up yourself, beware: They're fiercely perishable. Fifteen minutes in a toasty Subaru and Fuzzy's edible love gets a little soupy."