Edible Love Chocolates on Yelp! Monthly Newsletter:

Photo by Michael Rauner
Free chocolate?

Would you like some free chocolate truffles? Please let us know about your experience of our chocolates and you will be entered in our monthly drawing for a box of Edible Love Decadent Chocolates Truffles!

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1. Please write a short testimonial to describe your experience of Edible Love truffles and service? Unless you mention otherwise, this testimonial could be used in promotional material for Edible Love Chocolates.

2. What type of truffles did you get or receive? Is there any ingredients you would like to see in Edible Love's Chocolate Truffles?

3. Taste: How was the taste of the hard shell of the truffle? How was the taste of the soft inside (the ganache) of the truffle? Please share your experience as well as the experience of those you know who tried them.

4. Presentation: How did the gift box look? How the truffles look? Would you have preferred tin foil over paper cups to hold the truffles?

5. Conservation: Did you know that the truffles are perishable and need to be refrigerated? Did that make a difference to you?

6. Nutrition: The truffles contain organic fair-trade chocolate, organic heavy whipping cream and organic butter. Is the nutritional value of the ingredients important to you? Or do you simply enjoy indulging in the decadence of the chocolate without consideration for their nutritional value?

7. Consciousness: Is free-trade important to you? Are you willing to pay more for products made with free-trade ingredients?

8. Service: How was the service offered to you by Edible Love (delivery, samples, presentation for an event)?

9. Any story you would like to share about your chocolate tasting experience?

10. We are considering doing a subscription-style truffle delivery service called "The (Chocolate) Box". This would entail receiving box of chocolates on a scheduled basis -- every week/month/etc. Would this be something you would be interested in?

11. We are thinking of having short love poems or words of wisdom at the bottom of the paper cups or as part of the tin foil wrapping. What do you think of this?

Thank you for your words. Please click the "Submit" button to send your answers and to be automatically entered in our monthly drawing!